Crew 568 Information Page


Crew 568 is open to male and female youth, ages 14-21.


There is no charge for joining, and for most shooting activities. Outings typically have a nominal charge to cover expenses. Members are expected to acquire a Venturing uniform shirt. The cost is typically about $50.00. There are frequently shirts available for long term "borrowing", with the agreement that they are returned when you are done using them.

Affiliation with BSA

Crew 568 is a Venture Crew, and is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The crew is chartered by the Pajaro Valley Rod and Gun Club (PVRG). PVRG pays the crew's membership fees with the BSA.

Safety Rules

The crew uses the BSA safety rules, known as the Guide to Safe Scouting. To shoot pistols, BSA and PVRG requires that youth take and pass the NRA Basic Pistol course. To shoot rifles, PVRG requires that youth take and pass the NRA Basic Rifle course. The crew has several instructors for these courses, and offers them at the regular meeting time. Note, both courses practice shooting under an instructor's supervision as part of the course. BSA also requires all shooting to be supervised by both an NRA certified Range Safety Officer, and an NRA certified Instructor. Additional adults (over 21) may also assist with safety monitoring.

A safe attitude is a requirement. All are expected to behave responsibly in the presence of firearms. Anyone who cannot do this will be asked to leave. Consumption of alcohol or other drugs that may influence safety is strictly prohibited.

Regular Meetings

Crew 568 meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, at Pajaro Valley Rod and Gun Club's range. We start at 6:30. Typical plan is the 2nd Wednesday is handguns, the 4th Wednesday is rifles.At typical meeting:


Crew 568 typically has about 8 outings per year. We try to have one Super Activity each year. Most outings are not overnight, but instead will meet somewhere locally, drive to a range, shoot during the day, have lunch or a snack, and drive home. Some recent outings have included:

"Show and Tell", Bringing your own firearms

"Show and Tell" is encouraged. This is frequently for the review portion of the meeting. Youth (and adults) can bring their own firearms to meeting and outings.There are several requirements


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